Tria�?n lA?m 28 tA?c pha?�m ma�? thua?�t cha�� A�a�? a�?ChA?n dung Cha�� ta��ch Ha�� ChA� Minha�?

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TTH.VN - Chia�?u 17/5, Tr?�a�?ng A�a??i ha�?c (A?H) Ngha�� thua?�t a�� A?H Hua?? ta�� cha��c khai ma??c tria�?n lA?m ma�? thua?�t ca��a sinh viA?n va��i cha�� A�a�? a�?ChA?n dung Cha�� ta��ch Ha�� ChA� Minha�?.

Th?�a�Yng lA?m cA?c tA?c pha?�m ta??i tria�?n lA?m

Tria�?n lA?m ga��m 28 tA?c pha?�m A�?�a�?c tha�? hia��n ba?�ng nhia�?u cha??t lia��u khA?c nhau, nh?�: S??n da?�u, acrylic, in kha??c ga��, cha??t lia��u ta��ng ha�?pa�� ca��a 23 tA?c gia?? lA� sinh viA?n Tr?�a�?ng A?H Ngha�� thua?�t.

Theo ban ta�� cha��c, A�A?y lA� la?�n A�a?�u tiA?n A�a��i va��i sinh viA?n cA? ma��t tria�?n lA?m sA?ng tA?c chuyA?n sA?u va�? Cha�� ta��ch Ha�� ChA� Minh A�?�a�?c tr?�ng bA�y ta??i tr?�a�?ng. Nha�? A�?�a�?c A�A�o ta??o chuyA?n mA?n sA?u nA?n cA?c tA?c gia?? ra??t coi tra�?ng tA�nh chuyA?n nghia��p, tA�nh ngha�� thua?�t vA� ca�� ga??ng tA�m tA?i, khA?m phA? va�? cha??t lia��u, ka�? thua?�t, bA?t phA?p vA� tA�nh bia�?u A�a??t ngha�� thua?�t.

Trao gia??i A cho tA?c gia?? Nguya��n Thanh La��c

Ta??i bua��i khai ma??c tria�?n lA?m, ban ta�� cha��c A�A? trao gia??i A cho tA?c pha?�m a�?PA?c BA? (1961)a�? ca��a tA?c gia?? Nguya��n Thanh La��c. Gia??i B A�?�a�?c trao cho tA?c pha?�m a�?ChA?n dung BA?ca�? ca��a tA?c gia?? LA? Tha�� DuyA?n. Gia??i C A�?�a�?c trao cho 2 tA?c pha?�m a�?Via��t Nam a�� Ha�� ChA� Minha�? ca��a tA?c gia?? ThA?i VA?n NguyA?n vA� a�?ChA?n dung Cha�� ta��ch Ha�� ChA� Minha�? ca��a tA?c gia?? HoA�ng Minh D?�??ng.

Tria�?n lA?m ka??t thA?c vA�o ngA�y 31/5.

Tin, a??nh:A�Ha�?u PhA?c

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